The Cost of Plugging Colorado’s Orphaned Wells

Dan Haley, CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association explains why current proposals to raise additional funds to plug orphaned wells places Colorado's oil and gas operators in a dangerous financial position. Darren Weekly on his candidacy for Douglas County Sheriff. A look at HB22-1090, Reasonable Independence For Children.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Cost of Plugging Colorado's Orphaned Wells

Paying for Colorado’s Orphaned Wells

Orphaned wells are defined as unplugged, abandoned oil wells that are no longer in production. In some cases, the owner or operator can not be located or determined. In other cases, the owner or operator is unable to plug the wells.

Oil and gas producers currently pay a bond to cover wells. The bond amount is based on the number of wells operated. Environmental groups have claimed that the financial assurance rules are not adequate. Critics of the current rules are lobbying for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to implement new rules that will put a much larger burden on operators. Colorado has a very low number of orphaned wells compared to states like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

Dan Haley, CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, joins Kim to explain the current funding of capping orphaned wells in Colorado is more than adequate and how continually placing a burden on operators increases the cost of doing business in the state, which will ultimately impact the ability of operators to hire employees and stay in business.

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Candidate Interview: Why Darren Weekly is Running for Sheriff of Douglas County

Darren Weekly is one of several candidates running for Sheriff of Douglas County. Weekly has served three decades in the Douglas County Sheriff’s office. He has held almost nearly every commissioned position in the office.

In addition to his law enforcement background and familiarity with the Douglas County Sheriff’s office, Weekly promises that his office will honor the Consitution and its values if elected.

Weekly is in favor of tackling Colorado’s rising crime head-on. According to a recent report, violent crime in Colorado has risen over 30% in the last decade. Colorado’s recidivism rate ranks amount the top five in the nation. In 2020 Colorado had the highest motor vehicle theft rate in the country.

The significant increase in crime rates in the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs metro places Douglas County in an untenable position stuck between the two regions. Weekly is in favor of deploying more law enforcement personnel on the street to combat the rising crime wave head-on.

Weekly and Kim discuss Weekly’s thoughts on the mask mandates, freedom, Colorado’s Red Flag law, and more in segment two. Learn more about Weekly at his website. Go here to support his campaign.

Bill of the Day HB22-1090, Reasonable Independence For Children

Bill Summary:

Under current law, a child is neglected or dependent if the child’s environment is injurious to the child’s health or welfare. The bill clarifies that a child is not neglected when allowed to participate in certain independent activities that a reasonable and prudent parent, guardian, or legal custodian would consider safe given the child’s maturity, condition, and abilities.

HB22-1090, Reasonable Independence For Children has bi-partisan support. Republican sponsors are State Representative Kim Ransom and State Senator Jim Smallwood. Democrat sponsors are State Representative Mary Young and State Senator Janet Buckner.

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A look at Putin’s march towards the invasion of Ukraine.

More discussion on SB22-138, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Colorado.


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