The Enemies Within

Guest David Horowitz, author of The Enemy Within and a “red diaper baby” (he grew up with communist party parents), talks about the serious political climate we are witnessing today.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Enemies Within

Sunday is the 79th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid. Over Japan in WWII.  Join Kim 3pm on Sunday, April 18th on KLZ 560 and KLZ 100.7 FM for her interview with Jimmy Doolittle’s granddaughter Jonna Doolittle Hoppes on American’s Veteran’s Stories.  SB21-103 Sunset Office of Consumer Counsel sounds benign until you read the bill. Add this to the cost of $1.4 billion to ratepayers by Xcel’s closure of coal plants and we see once again the elites taking massive amounts of money out of the pockets of hardworking Coloradans.  Karen Levine, award winning realtor with RE/MAX Alliance, reports that although homes are coming onto the market they are quickly purchased.  This has led to higher costs for home buyers.  When purchase cost is coupled with home energy costs and taxes, home affordability impacts many potential home purchases, especially first-time home buyers. Give Karen a call at 303-877-7516 knowing that her professional advice will help you in the right home purchase even during this time of housing constraints.

Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas joins Kim to discuss the county’s commissioners’ resolution to take control of Wuhan-China virus restrictions.  Tomorrow, April 16th, Douglas County will be fully open.  Governor Polis gives local governments the “right” to enforce their own set of regulations.  The one exception is that masks must still be worn per the governor’s executive order.  Douglas County made an agreement with Tri-County Health that the county does not have to abide by their regulations. Federal Funding is very complicated and it is anticipated around January, 2023, Douglas County will separate itself from Tri-County Health.  Commissioner Thomas remarks that this is the first opportunity for the county to get out of the government’s draconian regulations. Some counties and businesses that did not strictly adhere to the governor’s orders were quickly visited by state revenue officers.  Many businesses were closed, fined, and some experienced the seizure of their inventory.  Do note that most times this was done without due process.

Jason McBride, Vice President with Presidential Wealth Management, is in the business of helping people make decisions that will affect them throughout their life.  Give Jason a call at 303-694-1600 to discuss the risks in your financial portfolio and examine if there are opportunities to better protect your assets.  Do not get too comfortable with market highs.  Things can quickly change.

Guest David Horowitz, author of The Enemy Within and a “red diaper baby” (he grew up with communist party parents), talks about the serious political climate we are witnessing today.  Everything revolves around race.  The Democrat party states that “systemic racism” is found in every fabric of society. If this is true, why are there black students at universities, black policemen, black politicians, black doctors, black attorneys, black bureaucrats, etc.?  The radical left elite is smearing America.  This false narrative is seen today in Minneapolis as we examine the history of Mr. Wright, and the due process for the police officer and city manager.  This is a totalitarian movement. Interesting to note that BLM donations go to ActBlue, the major donation center for Democrat candidates and the co-founder of BLM is buying numerous homes for multiple millions of dollars.  The left has weaponized racism and the Wuhan-China virus and both were used to get rid of Trump.  Biden is working at warp speed to get the radical left agenda accomplished.  Horowitz says we can win this battle by organizing, taking back our schools and reversing the indoctrination of our students.  Our founding fathers never used race nor gender in our founding documents and we should not today.  Instead, we need to instill western values and the American Idea that all men are created equal with rights from God of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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