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Dr. Brian Domitrivic on why The Fed needs to cease operations. Kim and Producer Steve examine SB 20-004, Get On Your Feet Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program. Government mandates are closing businesses and pushing them out of Colorado — a discussion on Lucky Markets, the TreadShare app, and more. Jason McBride continues his explanation of why buying low and selling high is not as easy as it might seem.


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  • SB 20-004, Get On Your Feet Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program: Is it designed to buy votes?
  • Government mandates closing businesses
  • Jason McBride discusses “relative deprivation.”
  • Dr. Brian Domitriciv on why The Fed has no place in the 21st Century

The Fed Has No Place in the 21st Century

Dr. Brian Domitrivic

Dr. Brian Domitrovic Americhicks

Dr. Brian Domitrivic

Brian Domitrovic joins Kim to review The Federal Reserve’s formation in 1913 by private banks (think Morgan and Rockefeller). Brian argues that The Fed is no longer applicable today and needs to have an exit strategy. The sooner the better. The aspirations of The Fed relied on three factors: a comprehensive system for banks; principal regulator and; chief money issuer. All three have no reason to exist in the 21st century. Their conversation ends discussing the ridiculousness of student loan forgiveness and social security as a Ponzi scheme.

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Jen Hulan is the owner of Waters Edge Winery and Bistro. Like many small business owners, Jen and her family and employees are being harmed by Colorado’s extreme COVID-19 restrictions. Jen tried to open her doors on May 1st, 6 weeks after closing them in March. The State of Colorado and Tri County Health shut her back down. Help Jen, because right now the government won’t let her help herself. 

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State government mandates from PBIs (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Interested Parties) are hurting businesses throughout the state. Lucky Markets has filed bankruptcy and a number of employees will lose their jobs. The TreadShare app receives a “cease and desist” letter from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission because they didn’t follow Colorado’s expensive licensing procedures. If state legislators cannot get their paid family leave legislation passed in Colorado, Families First has given them a back-up plan, ballot initiatives. Why not let companies be competitive and let them figure out what works best for them as Century Link has done with a new employee benefit?

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