The Importance of Free Market Principles in Healthcare

Dr. Murray Sabrin, author of "Universal Medical Care: From Conception to End-of-Life: The Case for a Single Payer System," discusses the importance of individual responsibility, financial independence and free market principles in healthcare.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Importance of Free Market Principles in Healthcare

Polis’ latest executive edict grabs control over state healthcare, including denying non-vaccinated patients admission into a hospital.  Even though Polis is a multimillionaire, a recent report shows that Polis did not pay income taxes for three years.  A Polis’ spokesperson claims that Polis paid all income taxes legally owed.  Is the middle class facing “slavery” as the government puts excessive taxation and regulation on us?  Polis appeared at a Steamboat Institute event with Art Laffer and teased “no state income tax.”  We must pay attention to what’s behind the curtain.  In the 2021 legislative session Senate bill 260 was passed generating $5.4 billion for infrastructure and implementing regressive taxes to pay for it.  Other legislative bills passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature and signed by Polis without voter approval instituted a variety of other new state fees and taxes.  On day one Biden closed the Keystone Pipeline via executive order and now he is looking at closing Line 5 pipeline that runs through Michigan.  The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in New Orleans grants an emergency stay against the OSHA vaccination mandate.  Senator Cruz introduces a bill stating vaccinations cannot be mandated.  The “bipartisan infrastructure” bill is passed with the aid of thirteen Republicans in the House and thirteen Republicans in the Senate.  All should be primaried. The  New Jersey state senator ousted by a truck driver claims 12,000 ballots have been found.

Marlin Kirsch of Kirsch Insurance Group urges listeners to call during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period which runs from October 15th thru December 7th.  An analysis of all prescription drugs is important as the cost for many are changing because of government formulas and tiers.  Do not be caught paying more than you need to in 2022.  Kirsch Insurance Group’s consultation is complimentary.  Kirsch Insurance Group helps you plan for success.

Guest Dr. Murray Sabrin, author of Universal Medical Care: From Conception to End-of-Life: The Case for a Single Payer Systemdiscusses the importance of individual responsibility, financial independence and free market principles in healthcare.  Approximately $4 trillion is spent on healthcare per year in America.  It can easily be cut in half if this era of medical fascism was eliminated and the government was removed from medical decisions.  In 1965, President Johnson handed medical control to the government through Medicaid and Medicare; Obamacare added another layer.  There is collusion between hospitals and insurance companies that leaves the patient paying high costs.  We are over-insured and our costs would dramatically be reduced if cash payment were a part of the equation.  The individual would only pay for the services needed.  Absent from talks regarding COVID-19 and the vaccination jab is obesity.  Many people who died of COVID-19 had underlying conditions, especially obesity.  Children have had very few deaths and getting the vaccination is not warranted for this age bracket.  Dr. Sabrin finishes with the comment that the Federal Reserve is compromising the economy with their infusion of dollars.  The supposed $1 plus trillion infrastructure bill should not have been passed and all Republicans who voted for it must be held accountable and primaried.

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