The Lexicon of the Left

Jay Davidson, founder of First American State Bank, defines the “lexicon of the left.”
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Lexicon of the Left

Kim and Producer Steve address inflation as we see price increases on our purchases at the store. Gas has increased over $1 during the last six months. Look to public policy as to why it’s happening. Biden closed the Keystone XL pipeline, for one. The AFL-CIO Colorado announces that they will not donate until next May, at the earliest, to Democrats because state Democrats did not adequately consult with them when deciding policies. Coercion continues as Governor Polis offers $100 Wal-Mart gift cards to people who get the COVID-19 jab, an unapproved FDA experimental drug. Beware: if the carrot doesn’t work the stick will follow!

Patti Kurgan, the researcher for The Kim Monson Show, connects more dots regarding Initiative 25: LEAP, a “parallel” new government-run out-of-school program that will bypass voters, and replace their voting power within an unelected bureaucratic authority. LEAP will be funded by a new marijuana tax and money from the state land board. The major investor in this initiative is Gary Community Investments contributing just under $1 million. One contractor has already received hundreds of thousands of dollars, Blitz Consulting. This information through the period June 26, 2021, can be found on Tracer, via the Colorado Secretary of State’s office under Learning Opportunities for Colorado’s Kids, Proponents of LEAP need to be transparent and release details of potential distribution of $50 million to LEAP Providers January-June, 2022, per the Fiscal Note. There are organizations already doing what LEAP is proposing. Knowledge is power. Decline to sign this ballot initiative. Read Kim’s and Patti’s op-eds on LEAP on The Kim Monson Show website under the tab Featured Articles

Jay Davidson, founder of First American State Bank, defines the “lexicon of the left.” Biden, Warren and AOC are all leading us to more government, a central government, and ultimately to tyranny via policy. The common thread in their policies is taxation, which is theft. Kim uses the example of the proposed Lone Tree 55% retail tax increase as an example. Jay interjects that about one-half of our gross income is spent annually on government when all taxes and fees paid are combined. The Great Reset is real as the elite billionaires believe that they can control and should control you. The leader of the Great Reset, Claus Schwab, outright states that there should be no private ownership. Global taxation, as proposed by Biden, exemplifies a move by the progressives in America to give up Congress’ sole ability to tax, and when that happens, we are being controlled by others. Money is a vehicle to get power, and globalists are attempting to manipulate people through money. The collectivists do not use terms like control and tyranny. They use other words. Jay delves into four specific terms the left uses by examining their beginnings and their usage today: Equity, One World Order, Entitlement, and Redistribution of Wealth. Jay concludes that we can make a difference, without violence, by exercising our rights and understanding the “lexicon of the left.”

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