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Rick Turnquist and Kim discuss the liberal agenda to weaponize the non-profit sector. Rick also discusses former congressman Jason Chaffetz's book, Power Grab. Complete Colorado journalist Sherrie Peif joins Kim to discuss her latest reporting on the public benefit of municipal broadband.


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  • Rick Turnquist on the liberal agenda to weaponize the non-profit sector.
  • A review and discussion of Jason Chaffetz’s book, <em>Power Grab.</em>
  • Complete Colorado’s Sherrie Peif on the mixed results of municipal broadband in Colorado

The Liberal Agenda to Weaponize the Non-Profit Sector

Rick Turnquist

Rick Turnquist

Are the radical activist politicians, bureaucrats and interested parties (PBIs) willing to maintain their power by any means necessary? Author and blogger, Rick Turnquist, joins Kim to revisit an earlier conversation they have had regarding the Progressive Advantage.

You can read Rick’s most recent piece right here on the Kim Monson Show website.  Rick and Kim will also talk about Jason Chaffetz’s book, Power Grab. Read Rick’s review on Power Grab his website, To Advance Freedom.

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Headlines for Hope

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Sherrie Peif

Sherrie Peif

Sherrie Peif, who writes for Complete Colorado, joins Kim in discussion of her newest piece which looks at municipal broadband. Are municipal broadband utilities a good idea and how is Colorado’s Tax Payers Bill of Rights being gotten around when establishing these municipal broadband utilities?

Listen to the Complete Colorado interview

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