The Making of a Mama Bear

Anette Bybee shares her story and what she did to ensure her children were enrolled in a charter school. Cain explains his concerns about Critical Race Theory. Bill of the Day is HN22-1285, Prohibit Collection Hospital Not Disclosing Prices.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Making of a Mama Bear

Podcaster and KLZ weekend host Anette Bybee tells how she went from being an ordinary parent to a mama grizzly after the onset of the pandemic in 2020. With the lockdown and transition from in-class sessions to remote learnings, Bynee decided she needed to become involved. This led to her current position as an employee for a charter school, a position she took to help get her children into charter school. Anette discusses her journey with Kim during the first hour. You can subscribe to Anette’s podcast here.

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Bill of the Day HN22-1285, Prohibit Collection Hospital Not Disclosing Prices

Bill summary:

The bill prohibits a hospital or other person or entity collecting on behalf of the hospital from initiating or pursuing collection actions against a patient or patient guarantor for debt incurred by the patient on the date or dates of service when the hospital was not in compliance with federal hospital price transparency laws.

Nothing in the bill:

  • Prohibits a hospital from billing a patient or health insurer for items or services provided to the patient; or
  • Requires a hospital to refund a payment made to the hospital for items or services provided to a patient.

A hospital that initiates or pursues a prohibited collection action is subject to a penalty equal to the amount of the debt and must refund any amount paid on the debt and pay attorney fees and costs.

The bill makes attempting to collect the debt an unfair practice under the “Colorado Fair Debt Collections Act”.

The bill authorizes the department of public health and environment, in considering a hospital’s license renewal application, to consider whether the hospital is or has been in compliance with federal hospital price transparency laws.

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Cain on Critical Race Theory

Cain joins Kim to discuss his concerns with Critical Race Theory. For more information, email



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