The Path for America

Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool and show sponsor, has a robust conversation with Kim regarding the path for America.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Path for America

Kim extends an invitation from Castlegate Knife and Tool located in Sedalia to their Beer, Brats & Blades event this Saturday, June 19th, for Dad Appreciation Day.  We see the hijacking of the Democrat party by the Socialist-Marxists.  The current political agenda is being driven by power, predominantly by the World Economic Forum.  Trump to visit the border June 30th which is a major problem for the Harris/Biden/Obama/Rice administration as they have been nowhere close to the border even though Harris was appointed as the Border Czar 87 days ago.  If we do not have election integrity, we do not have a nation.  Colorado State Secretary Jena Griswold executes an emergency election rule prohibiting third parties to examine voting equipment.  The Supreme Court dodges the constitutionality of Obamacare.  The Supreme Court also rules unanimously in favor of faith-based adoption centers.

Guest Hal Van Hercke, owner of Castlegate Knife and Tool and show sponsor, has a robust conversation with Kim regarding the path for America.  It is clearly evident after the G-7 Summit that Biden is a puppet.  Who are the Biden handlers setting policy for America?  What is their ultimate goal?  The World Economic Forum (WEF) seems to be setting the agenda with the transfer of wealth to third world countries; the true elite sit at the top ruling over the “masses.”  There is already global competition for labor.  Open borders will only enrich the elite who will own all AI, robots, the cloud, etc.  This is the dark force of the elite working with big government and big business.  Inflation today “comes as a thief in the night.”  Stagflation is on the horizon.  Biden’s slogan “Build Back Better” replicates the WEF slogan.  True liberty is owning or having the possibility of owning property vs. the Marxist Plan where a select elite group owns everything, including your family where children are told how they will be educated and what career they will enter.  We must adhere to our individual rights and souls to live the fullest life.  This means we cannot be embarrassed that we believe in capitalism, Western Civilization and the America Idea.  Hal strongly recommends getting your children out of public schools as that is where the indoctrination begins.  Attend local meetings, especially school boards.  Stand up.  Stay engaged.  Be heard.

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