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Small business owners Susan Kochevar and Patti Kurgan take a hard look at the consequences for Single-Payer healthcare, forced minimum wage, and the FAMLI leave Act. Producer Steve and Kim examine how the Democrats are using the impeachment process to attack President Trump's reelection efforts.


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In today’s episode:

  • Small business owners Patti Kurgan and Susan Kochevar discuss the detrimental consequences of Single-Payer Healthcare, forced minimum wage, and FAMLI leave proposal
  • Producer Steve and Kim take a look at the Democrat impeachment train-wreck

The Real Consequences of Single Payer Healthcare, Forced Minimum Wage, and the FAMLI Leave Proposal

Susan Kochevar

patti kurgan americhicks

Patti Kurgan

susan kochevar americhicks

Susan Kochevar

Patti Kurgan

There are three pieces of legislation lurking around the halls of Colorado’s state capitol that would lead to job losses, more money taken from your paycheck and lower the quality of medical care in Colorado. There is a proper role for government. The Colorado government has stepped far outside of that role.

Small businesswomen, Susan Kochevar and Patti Kurgan, join Kim. They unpack the real consequences of Single-Payer Healthcare, forced minimum wage and the family/FAMLI leave proposal.

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