The Supreme Court’s Vaccine Mandate Ruling

Dr. Jill Vecchio, frequent guest, reviews the Supreme Court’s ruling last week regarding vaccine mandate rules from OSHA  and HHS.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
The Supreme Court's Vaccine Mandate Ruling

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Dr. Jill Vecchio, frequent guest, reviews the Supreme Court’s ruling last week regarding vaccine mandate rules from OSHA  and HHS.  The two decisions actually contradict one another.  The Supreme Court ruled in the OSHA case that OSHA only has the authority to make rules on what happens at work and nothing affecting employees outside of the workplace.  But in the HHS case, the Supreme Court ruled that HHS could make rules that would affect staff outside of their workplace.  Interesting to note that it was stated in the ruling, “Administrative agencies are creatures of statutes.”  Legislators have abdicated their authority to bureaucrats, non-elected and unaccountable people.  The Supreme Court was asked to expedite an opinion on these cases from the lower courts.  This is most probably not the last word in both cases.

Rasmussen Reports completes a survey regarding unvaccinated individuals:  55% of Democrat voters and 19% of Republican voters would support government power to fine those who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccination; 59% of Democrat voters would support confinement to homes if an individual refused to get a COVID-19 vaccination and; 48% of Democrat voters think that the government should have the power to fine or imprison people who question COVID-19 vaccinations and its efficacy.

Guest Phil Kerpen with American Commitment questions the COVID-19/Wuhan-China virus hospitalization numbers. Why are we implementing policy on very questionable data?  To correct the data, many people will have to admit that they were wrong; psychologically many people are not willing to confront this fact, including parents.  Fauci’s narrative is to promote mis-truths and manipulated data; this is bad public health policy and has no logical reasoning.  His main goal is to influence behavior.  We should not force or punish people regarding their personal decisions about their bodies even though some Democrats support these power grabs per the Rasmussen Report.  If Washington DC’s current vaccination card and photo ID mandate was coming from the right it would be called what it is, fascism.  Connect the dots.  The headlines are manipulating the narrative.

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