Tina Peters and the April 5th Election Integrity Rally

Tina Peters on the April 5th Election Integrity rally (at the Capitol) (along with guest Roger Hudson, Castle Pines City Council member). Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge on climate issues and the over-reach of regulation. Bill of the Day is HB22-1302, HealthCare Practice Transformation.

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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
Tina Peters and the April 5th Election Integrity Rally

Election fraud is not new. It is, as the Heritage Foundation says, “as old as the United States itself.” Examples include fraudulent use of absentee ballots, forged signatures, and votes from the deceased. The transparency of paper records, observers, and other measures make it possible to “see” traditional types of voter fraud.

In the age of electronic voting, transparency is not guaranteed. the records are now opaque. What happens to election integrity when the guardians are also the culprits? Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, joins Kim and Castle Pines city council member Roger Hudson in the first hour to discuss how she uncovered evidence of potential tampering and manipulation of Dominion Voting Systems Election Management Server. Peters also discusses why she is running for Secretary of State.

Peters has published three reports documenting the evidence of potential tampering and manipulation on her website. (Links to the forensic reports: Report 1, Report 2, and Report 3). There is an Election Integrity rally on April 5th outside the Capitol, from noon to 3 p.m.

Learn more about Peters and her campaign here. Go here to support her campaign.


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Climate Issues and Regulation Creep in Colorado Through the Decades

Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Bill Rutledge was a teenager during World War II. Rutledge shares his experience and views on climate issues in Colorado over the years. Climate issues have become a pretext to push for increased regulation. The regulation often does more harm than good, which is exemplified in the suppression of oil and gas activities in Colorado. Rutledge and Kim discuss this and more in the second hour of the show. Listen to Rutledge’s interview about his time in the United States Air Force at America’s Veteran’s Stories.

Bill of the Day HB22-1302, HealthCare Practice Transformation

Bill summary:

The bill creates the primary care and behavioral health statewide integration grant program in the department of health care policy and financing to provide grants to primary care clinics for implementation of evidence-based clinical integration care models.The bill requires the department of health care policy and financing, in collaboration with the behavioral health administration and other agencies, to develop a universal contract for behavioral health services.

The bill makes an appropriation.

HB22-1302, HealthCare Practice Transformation is sponsored by Representatives Chris Kennedy (Democrat), Representative Perry Will (Republican), Senator Sonya Lewis (Democrat), and Senator Kevin Priola (Republican).

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The Kim Monson Quote of the Day for March 28, 2022

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