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Kim and Producer Steve ask what will the Douglas County commissioners do with all the additional revenue that will be generated with property tax bills increasing 25-30%. A discussion of Colorado HB 20-1149, which will allow 16-year olds to vote. Frank Gaffney joins Kim for a conversation on the Harvard professor arrested for his secret connection and financial support from China. Frank and Kim talk about the revolutionary way Trump has used Twitter to let the Iranian people know the U.S. supports them — and not their corrupt government.


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  • Property Tax Increases
  • Colorado HB 20-1149: Voting Age at 16
  • Immigration gone astray
  • Jason McBride emphasizes the need to plan ahead for retirement, especially when it comes to taxes. Join Jason for one of six classes next week to learn more.
  • Harvard Chairman’s arrest for secret ties to China
  • Trump’s declaration of support for the Iranian people through Twitter

Trump, Twitter, and His Support for the Iranian People

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney Kim Monson Show

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney joins in on the conversation. A Harvard chairman of the chemistry department is arrested for receiving millions of dollars from the Chinese. Frank warns that many people believe we are in an age of a “one market place of ideas” ignoring that we are enabling our adversaries. Frank cites the build-up of China’s military, both on earth and in space, as one example of many threats by the Chinese for world dominance.

Frank and Kim end by examining Iran’s current conflict with the U.S. Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian deal instituted by Obama at a cost of at least $150 billion (of American taxpayer money) and Trump’s hard sanctions which have rocked the Iranian government. Trump is communicating to the Iranian people directly through his tweets to let them know that the U.S. is in support of them.  Trump circumventing the corrupt Iranian government via his tweets is a first in history,

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