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It's Thanksgiving Week on the Kim Monson Show! Jason McBride and Kim Monson take a look at the six most disappointing stocks of 2019.


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  • Jason Mcbride and Kim discuss the six most disappointing stocks of 2019

Turkey Stocks 2019: The Six Most Disappointing Stock of 2019

Jason McBride

jason McBride Americhicks

Jason McBride

Happy Thanksgiving Week! There is so much to be grateful for as Americans. Monday Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth Mangement will be in studio. We’ll unstuff what happened over the last year to 2018’s turkey stocks and we’ll find out which stocks Jason thinks are big turkeys for 2019. Jason picks 6 Turkey Stocks every year before Thanksgiving and shares them on The Eagle’s Nest, the Presidential Wealth Management podcast. You can listen to this year’s Turkey Stock podcast here.

Turkey Stocks 2019: The six most disappointing stocks of 2019

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