What Happens When the Food Supply Chain is Broken?

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim for a discussion on food supply issues. Candidate interview with Rebecca Keltie (CD-5). Annette Bybee and the LGBTQ+ agenda in public schools.
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The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
What Happens When the Food Supply Chain is Broken?

Dr. Jill Vecchio joins Kim for a discussion on food supply issues. A number of supply-chain issues across different industries since the start of the pandemic have shown how each link in the supply chain is critical for the good to reach the consumer. Failures in supply chains lead to shortages, which leads to price hikes as there are fewer goods to meet demand. One of the major inflationary concerns besetting Americans is the cost of groceries. Many common household staples and food items have seen significant price increases as a result of supply chain concerns. Then there are issues like the recent baby formula shortage, where government shuts down access to a food supply. All

Dr. Vecchio explains how vulnerable the food supply chain is and points to recent incidents that have impacted food processing plants and distribution centers: Fires, COVID outbreaks, general failures, and more. Putting food on the table is an immense task requiring the resources of farmers, producers, processors, and transporters. Everyone from Farmers to laborers to truckers plays vital roles. Listen to the full discussion in the second hour.

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Candidate Interview: Rebecca Keltie (CD-5)

Rebecca Keltie, candidate for Colorado’s Congressional District 5, joins Kim in the studio to explain why she is running for office. Keltie and Kim also state political issues, including the highly visible race of Secretary of State and its Republican primary. Listen to the full interview in the first hour. Go here to learn more about Keltie’s campaign. Go here to support her campaign.


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