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Kelly Sloan talks about to expect in Colorado's 2020 legislative session. Brad Beck shares the story of Erie, Colorado's million-dollar bridge payment debacle.

What Will Happen in Colorado’s 2020 Legislative Session?


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  • Kim responds to Kyle Clark’s deliberately misleading remarks about Stand for Colorado, the 15 Women of the Wests speakers, and those who attended
  • Brad Beck talks about how Erie, Colorado was scammed out of one million dollars
  • Kelly Sloan and Kim have a conversation on opioid abuse and what Sloan expect’s from this year’s legislative session

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Kelly Sloan Kim Monson Show

Kelly Sloan

Brad Beck

Kelly Sloan talks about his article on opioids.  There is no question there is a crisis.  He believes that the response has been good for treatment.  The problem is law enforcement due to the constraints placed upon them, including money, China’s transportation of opioids to the U.S. through Canada and Mexico, and the lack of support for the Border Patrol to detect opioids coming across the border.  The conversation moves into the legislative session for 2020.  Kelly predicts it will be worst than last year because some legislation never made it across the finish line last year and will be pushed harder this year.

Brad Beck explains how the town of Erie feels “violated” after the final payment of $1.1 million for a bridge is deposited into a fraudulent account instead of SEMA Construction.  No one in the finance department checked the authenticity of the “new” account number changed online for the construction company.  Transparency and accountability lack throughout the town’s administration starting at the top.


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