William Bradford Saved Plymouth Rock with Capitalism

Bill Federer joins Kim for a lively discussion on the truth surrounding the Pilgrims coming to America.
The Kim Monson Show
The Kim Monson Show
William Bradford Saved Plymouth Rock with Capitalism

This coming weekend, America’s Veterans Stories will broadcast three separate shows featuring veterans who we thank for their service to our country.  Sunday afternoon at 3pm will feature Bear Owen, Vietnam Veteran Marine pilot.  The other shows broadcast 10pm Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.  All can be heard on KLZ 560 AM and KLZ 100.7 FM or by downloading the KLZ app.

Bill Federer, speaker and host of the radio show American Minute and author of numerous books including The Treacherous World of the 16th Century & How the Pilgrims Escaped It: The Prequel to America’s Freedomjoins Kim for a lively discussion on the truth surrounding the Pilgrims coming to America.  Bill explains in detail the historical perspective of the founding of America.  Interesting facts include that the Pilgrims were terrorized by Muslim Barbary pirates.  Bill also explains the devastation caused by the Ottoman Empire as it sieged Constantinople and Vienna, and its relevance to America.  The Ottomans influenced the ruling style of the kings of Spain, France, England and the Turkish Sultans.  Learn how the Caribbean got its name.  Addressing American history, Bill notes the differences between the founding of Plymouth Rock and Jamestown.   He tells the story of Squanto and Squanto’s importance to the settlers.  Bill ends by examining the Pilgrim’s experiment with communism.  Originally, the land was public and held in a community pact.  People did minimal work because there was no incentive to produce; it was a complete failure and the Pilgrims almost starved to death.  Then William Bradford and other Pilgrim leaders proposed to let everyone have their own property and be responsible for themselves.  A complete shift of work ethic emerged as people became industrious and kept most of the fruits of their labor or to be voluntarily traded with others.  The Pilgrims began to thrive and flourish.

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