Young Political Lincoln

Guest Ben Martin and Kim have a discussion on the “Young Political Lincoln.” 
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Young Political Lincoln
  • Wayne Walvoord with the Convention of the States joins Kim to discuss what their organization is doing to save America.  This is an organization that is non-partisan and advocates for conservative policies.  Under the U.S. Constitution Article V, they are working towards term limits, fiscal responsibility, and return rights back to the individual states.
  • Jason McBride with Presidential Wealth states that the volatility in the market will continue until we have the results from the election.  The mainstream media’s sole attention on COVID-19 to create fear contributes to the volatility.  Trump tax cuts were financially beneficial to all and results can be reviewed at
  • Guest Ben Martin and Kim have a discussion on the “Young Political Lincoln.”  Ben gives a brief history about Lincoln before assessing Lincoln’s speech titled, The Perpetuation of Political Institutions, given to the Young Men’s Lyceum in January, 1838.  There are correlations to today, including his discussion on mob violence.  Lincoln took a brief absence from politics and reentered as he saw the proliferation of “compromises” that negated agreements relative to slavery.  Lincoln gave the Peoria Address in October, 1854, arguing specifically against slavery.

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