25th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

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Jason McBride of GRASP joins Kim in the studio and Pastor Christine Coleman talks about her experiences as a Rwanda Genocide survivor.

Jason McBride and Kim Monson deliver on their book and movie challenge

Jason McBride of the Gang Rescue and Support Project (GRASP) and Kim have had a long-running challenge. McBride challenged Kim to read The Other Wes Moore and Kim challenged McBride to watch Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. The challenge has finally been completed and McBride and Kim talk about the issues present in both stories and how discipline and a positive support network are two factors that resulted in the unlikely success of Wes Moore and Ben Carson. McBride also discusses the work GRASP does to help gang members and others learn to change how they view change, so they can make the decision to transform their lives and break free of a cycle of crime and violence. More information on GRASP can be found at its website.

The 25th anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide: what’s changed and what hasn’t.

Christine Coleman is a mother, writer, and a pastor. She’s also a survivor of the Rwanda Genocide. 25 years and two days ago, she lost most of her family and barely escaped with her life. Coleman talks about the history and political factors that contributed to the Rwanda Genocide. She also talks about how present-day Rwandans still live in the shadow of the events of 25 years ago.

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WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Wayne Field

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WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Lou Zoghby

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On Pearl Harbor with WW II Veterans Page Wodell and Dr. Kenneth Isaacs

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