Abortion and the Left’s Campaign of Murder

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Katie Kieffer discusses abortion and her latest article "When Murder is Easy."

Katie Kieffer: Author, Commentator, Thought Leader



Katie Kieffer, the author of Let Me Be Clear, joins the show via remote from Minneapolis. Kieffer is a rising star in the libertarian and conservative scenes, known for bringing a fresh perspective and a razor-sharp intellect to a conversation, debate, or essay.

When Murder Is Easy

Kieffer’s latest article, When Murder Is Easy, can be read at Town Hall and Kieffer’s website. The premise is simple: murder via abortion becomes easier the more it’s done and the more it is accepted, and the Left, which has spent decades advocating for ever-more extreme measures in the case of abortion, has become desensitized to their own active role in the murder of unborn children. So has our culture in general. By taking abortion for granted, the killing of unborn children has become a trivial thing.

Kieffer and Kim talk about the Left’s unrelenting push for even more extreme state-sanctioned abortion procedures and laws, the responsibility of conservatives to reassess their priorities in regards to abortion, and more.

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