Beverly Hills vs The Foothills: California is NOT Colorado!

Beverly Hills vs The Foothills—why californias rules are wrong for colorado (1)
There are so many ways California and Colorado are different—but the vehicles we use and how we use them are part of that difference and that's why Colorado should not use California's emission rules.

Freedom of Mobility, Freedom to Drive



Today’s featured guest is Eric Beutz, Commercial Service director for Columbine-Freeway-Longmont Ford. Beutz’s professional background and experience give him a view of the various programs and systems at play in Colorado, and he explains why Colorado’s vastly different vehicle needs and the success of its own emission programs show the need for Colorado to devise its own emission regulations instead of adopting California rules.

HB19-1032 Goes to Committee Hearing at Capitol

The grassroots movement to stop HB19-1032 continues to grow. On the heels of the massive rally against the bill seeking to hyper-sexualize sex education in schools comes today’s committee hearing at the Capitol. We ask that all concerned citizens contact their legislators and tell them NO TO HB19-1032. You can go to this link to find the name and contact info for your legislator. You can tell your lawmaker why you are against this bill by phone, email, mail—or even a mix of the three.

If the controversy surrounding this bill is new to you, you’re not alone. The Denver metro major news outlets—the self-appointed gatekeepers of what is important and what isn’t—have not been covering this very important issue. There were NO mainstream news organizations at the Rally yesterday. But they did show up to cover the ACLU’s protest on the other side of the Capitol.

Why do you think that is? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell us on Facebook or here on our page.

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WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Wayne Field

Christmas seventy-five years ago 500,000 Allied soldiers fought a 40-day battle to prevent Hitler from reaching fuel supplies at Antwerp, Belgium. History knows it as the Battle of the Bulge. Wayne Field was one of those young soldiers who fought in this epic battle.

WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Lou Zoghby

Seventy-five years ago on December 16th, 1944, Hitler made his final push in the Battle of the Bulge. Young Lou Zoghby, 17th Airborne, 194th Glider Infantry, F Company fought in this epic 40-day battle.

On Pearl Harbor with WW II Veterans Page Wodell and Dr. Kenneth Isaacs

December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and drew the Americans into WWII. Page Wodell was attending Yale University and became an Aviation Cadet. WWII Veteran Dr. Kenneth Isaacs’ brother was stationed at Pearl Harbor and survived the attack. Dr. Isaacs shares his brother’s perspective.

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