Casper Stockham Will Do More for Colorado

casper stockham running for congressional district 6 in 2020
Casper Stockham announces his run for the 6th congressional district and Roger Bianco talks about eminent domain and the controversial Kelo case.

Casper Stockham announces run for 6th congressional district

Casper Stockham joins Kim to announce that he is running against Jason Crow for the 6th congressional district House of Representatives seat. From Stockham’s press release:

“Congressional candidate Charles (Casper) Stockham announced today that he plans to take on Jason Crow with a campaign based upon empowerment in the CD6 Congressional District. Stockham says We Must, We Can, and We Will do better!

Stockham – “For over 60 years the Democrat Party has exploited the Black and Hispanic community because there has been a void in those communities of any real Republican Party presence as a balance.”

Fulfilling a prior campaign promise, “I haven’t left the community,” instead I’ve been in the community working to empower our youth. I believe empowerment is a corner stone for a better community. I believe the homelessness, gentrification, high UN-employment, crime and despair have not come at the hands of the Republican Party but because, in part, the GOP has ignored the Black and Hispanic communities.”

Stockham believes this election cycle will produce winning results because he is better able and positioned to communicate his empowerment message, support local leaders in the community, and carry out his 5-4-3-2-1 Plan.

Stockham – “We’re going to reach out to the forgotten and disenfranchised voters, and remind them that new political leaders, who do the bidding of the old guard change nothing for the better. Congressman Crow is a new face on an old system that only seeks to control and maintain the status quo. We do not need new leaders we need new DOERS!”

We send individuals to represent and serve our interests in Washington D.C. Jason Crow doesn’t represent the diversity of Aurora. He only represents the special interest machine in Washington D.C. It’s time for dynamic new DOERship.”

You can keep up to date by visiting Stockham’s Facebook page and website.

Roger Bianco discusses Kelo v. City of New London and how it led to eminent domain reform

Leadership Program of the Rockies graduate Roger Bianco joins Kim to discuss Kelo v. The City of New London, a landmark eminent domain dispute that made its way to the Supreme Court and also inspired the 2019 movie Little Pink House. The Kelo case also enraged property right advocates around the nation when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to allow corporate interests and money triumph over individual property rights. Bianco discusses the history of the Kelo case and how the ruling served as a symbol for eminent domain reform.

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