China Embracing Capitalism for Business Sector, U.S. Stifling Business Growth Through Over-Regulation

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Kim attends the Erie Board of Directors meeting looking for an explanation as to why the Republican Women of Weld County had their meeting canceled and Jay Davidson of First American State Bank discusses the tariff war, why China is friendlier to business than America and how America's over-regulation of the business sector costs the country growth opportunities.

Erie Board of Directors declines to explain why Republican Women of Weld County denied the use of Erie Community Center

As posted on Facebook yesterday night, Kim attended the Erie Board of Directors meeting last night. On May 17, Erie Board Trustee Christiaan van Woudenberg stated: ” I wasn’t involved in the decision to cancel the event, and thus don’t have anything to add to Town Administrator Malcom Fleming’s statement on the topic in his weekly update sent out yesterday. I look forward to the discussion at our next public meeting on the 28th.”

Van Woudenberg, Kim, and the rest of the audience would go home disappointed because Fleming and the Board did not explain their decision. They did allow the audience to comment on the matter. Kim, unlike Fleming, had the courage to stand up and speak on the issue.

You will have to listen to the show to hear what she said.

The tariff war between China and the United States and China’s support of capitalism for businesses

Jay Davidson knows business. With decades in the finance and banking field, he founded First American State Bank over two decades and today serves as the bank’s Chief Executive Officer. Davidson and Kim talk about the tariff war between the United States and China and he makes some startling claims, such as his belief that China currently is more capitilism-friendly towards business than the United States. Davidson explains why the tariff war is important, what the stakes are for the U.S. and China, and why the United States is strangling business and growth with over-regulation.

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