Colorado United In Prayer Through the 1Church Initiative

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Democrats push for a super-strict climate control bill, Steve Kessler explains the importance of the Electoral College and Amy Everette & Evie Zuir bring word of the 1Church Initiative.

Colorado Democrats Push to Regulate Oil, Gas, and Utilities

Kim has a nice rundown of pertinent local news and political topics in today’s first segment, but the highlight is the news regarding House Majority Speaker KC Becker’s push for a strict climate control bill. The acknowledged goals of the bill, which has yet to be introduced, could end the oil and gas industry in Colorado as it currently stands and presents severe challenges for utilities to overcome.

The importance and purpose of the Electoral College

Steve Kessler joins Kim to discuss the Electoral Collge, why it is so important, and why legislation seeking to undermine the Electoral College subverts its purpose.

Imagine 2200 Colorado churches and millions of Coloradans brought together in—and through—prayer

Amy Everette and Evie Zuir join Kim to discuss the mission of the 1Church Initiative. A little prayer never hurts and a lot of prayer can work wonders. What if the entire state and beyond was united in prayer?

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