Colorado’s 72nd General Assembly Ends Friday

two more days until the 72nd sessions ends
Five more speakers and the Alamosa location announced for Stand for Colorado, Phil Couture on Initiative 300, and State Representative Susan Beckman is today's co-host.

Five more speakers announced for Stand for Colorado and Alamosa location confirmed

Today’s announcement of speakers brings the total count so far to 15. We’re hoping to bring at least 20 to you. 🙂

The speakers are:

  • Steve Reams, Weld County Sheriff, The Red Flag Law, HB19-1177
  • Sue Sharkey, CU Regent, Higher Education
  • Carol Baker, Pharmacist, Prescription Drugs
  • Jan Cook, Co-Founder, Get Er Done Right Colorado, Forced Voter Registration, SB19-235
  • Tina Francone, Former Jefferson County Commissioner and Former RTD Board Director, Air Quality Regulations & Laws

Alamosa has also been added to the list of Stand for Colorado locations, alongside Denver, Grand Junction, and Gunnison. You can find all the information you need on the Stand for Colorado website.

Phil Couture of Christ in the City talks about the many sides of Denver’s Initiative 300

Phil Couture calls in to talk with Kim about the complicated issues around being homeless and how that relates to the goals of Initiative 300. Couture is a part of the Catholic Church’s program for the homeless, Christ in the City.  While there are two basic sides on the issue—those for and those against—one basic question continues to be raised: can living on the streets ever be considered humane or acceptable?

State Representative Susan Beckman is today’s co-host and she pulls back the curtain on Colorado’s contentions 72nd General Assembly

Susan Beckman is in the studio as Thursday’s guest host. Beckman and Kim discuss last night’s travesty which saw dozens of parent’s shut out of testimony against 1312, the forced vaccination bill. Beckman then walks listeners and Kim through what’s occurred this legislative session and the concerns she has for the future. Today’s show is the perfect follow-up to former state rep Kevin Lundberg and Kim’s conversation on yesterday’s show. There’s always a bright light though: tomorrow is the last day of the sessions!

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