Colorado’s Red Flag Bill Waives Due Process

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Laura Carno and Kim discuss why Colorado's Red Flag Bill fails to give gun owners due process and why it is a threat to all Colorado gun owners.

In today’s show, Kim welcomes Laura Carno. Carno is an author, speaker, and political strategist with a focus on 2nd amendment protections and advocacy.

How The Government Ruins Nearly Everything

How often do we see politicians of all stripes throw an issue into the black hole of government, assuring constituents that the issue will be competently addressed only to see the problems grow worse?

It happens all the time.

Kim and Carno discuss Carno’s book Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants. Carno makes it clear that the problem of foisting issues off onto incompetent bureaucrats and government programs is a problem for the left and the right. if you want something done right you probably don’t want the government doing it.

Colorado’s Red Flag Bill Denies Due Process

HB19-1177, otherwise known as the Red Flag Bill, is generating a lot of outcry and controversy. The measure gives a petitioner the power to petition the court for an emergency protection order (ERPO). The bill is ostensibly designed to allow the courts to remove a firearm from an individual who shows “red flags” for harming themselves or others.

Carno, who is a 2nd amendment advocate and currently holds the position of Visiting Fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, goes into great detail explaining why this bill is problematic. First and foremost, it denies the subject of the petition due process. The accused would have no say in their own defense, setting up a condition which seems ripe for abuse. What if someone used the process to manufacture a claim against a gun-owner? In a post-Jussie Smollett world, that doesn’t seem unlikely.

Go here to read Carno’s latest article, “Why Pelosi’s Gun Control Plans Won’t Make Us Safer.”

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