Democrat’s Socialist Bill Defeated in Senate 57-0

americhicks march 26 ocasio-cortez defeat of new green deal 57 to 0 (1)
The New Green Deal gets humiliated in the Senate, Congressman Ken Buck discusses the false promises of Socialism and Kevn Lundgren on the Colorado 2020 budget.

New Green Deal goes down in flames, does not pick up a single vote

Reality extinguished liberal firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist ambitions Tuesday as the Senate voted down the New Green Deal 57-0. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel’s strategy of forcing Senate Democrats to take a position on the issue showed that not one Senator was willing to go on record to support the bill. Even diehard socialists like Vermont’s Bernie Sanders did not support the bill, choosing the coward’s path of voting as present rather than signifying a yes or no vote for the bill.

Congressman Ken Buck on the left’s insistence on turning America into a welfare state

Congressman Buck calls in to speak with Kim about the defeat of the New Green Deal and the great danger that is presented by those on the left pushing the insidious promises of socialism. Socialism is not a compassionate gift, it’s s system that takes from those that work and gives to those that don’t.

Former state senator Kevin Lundgren on Colorado’s $30 billion state budget for 2020 and the attack on TABOR

Lundberg gets into the nuts and bolts of what is going on with Colorado’s 30 billion dollar budget bill. He also talks about SB19-1257, the newly-introduced bill that is positioned to cripple TABOR.


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