Do You Feel Safe With the Homeless Living on Your Sidewalk?

right to survive
Sherrie Gibson is running for State Chair of the Colorado GOP and Karen Levine and Peter Wall discuss the dangers of the Right to Survive initiative.

Sherrie Gibson announces her run for chair of the Colorado GOP

Sherrie Gibson, Vice Chair of the Colorado Republican Party, announces her intent to run for State Party Chairman. Gibson is well known for her tireless efforts on behalf of the Colorado Republican Party and conservative values. Gibson talks with Kim about what she thinks should be done to counter the liberal takeover of the Colorado state house and her beliefs on outreach, messaging and the importance of presenting relating to undecided voters.

Right to Survive initiative headed to the ballot in May; allows homeless to file lawsuits and sleep on public sidewalks

Denver area realtor and Americhicks sponsor Karen Levine and Peter Wall, Government Affairs Director of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors (DMAR), explain Right to Survive, the initiative heading to the ballot in May. The following is from Ballotpedia:

“Under I-300, prohibiting or penalizing a person engaged in any of the following activities would be regarded as a civil rights violation:[1]

  • Resting in outdoor public places in a non-obstructive manner;
  • Sheltering oneself in outdoor public places in a non-obstructive manner;
  • Eating, sharing, or giving food in public places where food is allowed; or
  • Occupying one’s own legally parked car or another legally parked car with the owner’s permission.”

Homelessness is a real problem, especially in the Denver metro area, where housing costs have skyrocketed in recent years. But is this the solution? This is an issue that affects every homeowner and renter in Denver. Do you think a sidewalk, including the sidewalk in front of your home, is an appropriate place for someone to sleep and essentially use as a de facto dwelling spot? Do you think it’s ok to open home and business owners up to lawsuits over disagreements if this policy is passed?


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