Guerra vs Washington Supreme Court

guerra vs washington kim monson dk kelly
Rep. Perry Buck discusses her Complete Colorado article on holding legislators responsible and why that means a No vote on Proposition CC and Attorney and libertarian D.K. Kelly and Kim have a conversation on the Guerra v. Washington decision.

Representative Perry Buck on holding legislators accountable as vote on Proposition CC draws nearer

Representative Buck joins Kim to discuss her Complete Colorado article, Keep the Legislature Accountable, Vote NO on Prop CC. State Rep. Buck represents Windsor and is a Republican. Listen to her conversation with Kim and read the article here:

Buck: Keep the legislature accountable, vote NO on Prop CC

Attorney D.K. Kelly on the shocking Guerra vs Washington

Attorney, maverick, Speakeasy Ideas associate and former Colorado Libertarian State party leader D.K. Kelly joins Kim for a conversation about Guerra vs. Washington. Levi Guerra, Esther John, and Peter Chiafalo appealed a superior court decision that imposed a $1,000 fine on them for failing to align their Electoral College votes with the popular vote of Washington. The Washington Supreme court upheld the trial court judgment. D.K. and Kim discuss the case and the constitutional issues surrounding the appeal. You can also read the decision here and listen to D.K. discuss the matter in more depth on The Law podcast.

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On Pearl Harbor with WW II Veterans Page Wodell and Dr. Kenneth Isaacs

December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and drew the Americans into WWII. Page Wodell was attending Yale University and became an Aviation Cadet. WWII Veteran Dr. Kenneth Isaacs’ brother was stationed at Pearl Harbor and survived the attack. Dr. Isaacs shares his brother’s perspective.

The Search for Alexander “Sandy” Bonnyman Jr.

Clay Bonnyman Evans’ grandfather, Alexander “Sandy” Bonnyman Jr. (May 2, 1910 – November 22, 1943) was a United States Marine Corps officer who was killed in action on Betio Atoll in the Gilbert Islands during World War II. Sandy Bonnyman’s bones lay buried under the sand of Tarawa for over 70 years.

The Amazing Story of Augusta Chiwy

Military historian and author Martin King joins Kim to share the story of Augusta Chiwy and his own story as he sought to find her decades after the end of World War II.

WWII Veteran Frank DeVita

WWII Veteran Frank DeVita joined the Coast Guard to serve our country. He ended up as a ramp operator on a Higgins Boat landing craft on the first wave of soldiers landing at Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day.

WWII Veteran Richard Rohleder

Kansas farmboy and WWII Veteran, Richard Rohleder, recently traveled back to the Netherlands for the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden.

Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record

In the Age of Information, data is power. Susan Kochevar reviews National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden’s book, Permanent Record.

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