HB19-1312, the “Forced Vaccination” Bill, and the Loss of a Child’s Privacy

hb19-1312 and the loss of data privacy for colorado children (2)
The first speakers for Stand for Colorado announced Kim Ransom on holding the line at the State House and Cheri Kiesecker on the data collection provisions in HB19-1312.

The first announcement on Stand for Colorado speakers

Kim announced the first five of the 20+ speakers planned for Stand for Colorado on May 10th. You can always find the complete info here or on Facebook, but here are the speakers announced today:

Barbara Kirkmeyer—Weld County Commissioner, regarding SB19-181, the oil and gas bill, now law
Giuliana Day—Organizer against HB19-1032, fighting back against the hypersexualization of our children bill.
Let kids be kids!
Pastor Christine Uwizera-Coleman—Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide. Invocation.
Don Wilson—Mayor of Monument, National Popular Vote, Ballot Question, SB19-042
Patti Kurgan—Former member Pay Equity Commission, regarding the FAMLI Leave bill, SB19-188

Kim Ransom with an update from the front line of the state house

State Representative Kim Ransom and the other conservatives are doing their best to hold the line at the state house. She reports on the marathon sessions being held as Democrat lawmakers desperately try to meet the Friday deadline. The good news? Many of the bills they were trying to force on the public will not make the deadline. The bad news is that there is a chance that some of them will squeak through.

Cheri Kiesecker exposes the Orwellian data collection provisions in HB19-1312, the “forced vaccination” bill

Cheri Kiesecker joins Kim as Tuesday’s featured guest. Kiesecker methodically and thoroughly explains the troubling data provisions buried deep in the bowels of HB19-1312. The loss of privacy for children and parents is scary, but not as scary as the potential for abuse and mismanagement. If you are on the fence or for the forced vaccination bill, listen to this show. You might change your mind. This bill isn’t just about vaccinations. It is about control vs freedom and individual rights and privacy and the state assuming it knows better than parents.

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