Is Canada’s Healthcare Better than US Healthcare?

Tom Goodfellow joins Kim to talk about the upcoming U.S. Constitution Week in Grand Lakes and KLZ week continues as Kim and KLZ host Phil Coutu have a conversation about the problems with Canada's socialized healthcare system.

Grand Lake’s U.S. Constitution Week begins September 16

Tim Goodfellow joins Kim to talk about U.S. Constitution Week. This is the 8th annual U.S. Constitution Week, which is held in Grand Lake, Colorado. This year’s celebration features a number of speakers and celebrities, including Kim! Stay tuned and check the newsletter Sunday for details on how to win a free ticket. Go to the website for a list of speakers, events, and more information. 

Is Canadian healthcare better than healthcare in the United States?

KLZ week continues and today’s featured guest is fellow KLZ co-host Phil Coutu. We often hear that Canadian healthcare is better than what we can get in the United States. It’s free, after all. But what does “free” mean? Does that mean doctors and pharmacies and nurses and lab techs are volunteering their services? Who pays for it?

Is the socialized Canadian healthcare system really superior to the U.S.?. Phil grew up in Canada and knows first hand that nothing is free. Phil and Kim discuss Canada’s high taxes and long wait time for medical services.

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