Jason McBride Breaks Down Trump’s Tax Cuts

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Douglas County Commissioner Laura Thomas on Colorado's Red Flag bill and Jason McBride analyzes the beating Trump put on taxes for the average American.

Douglas County Commissioner Laura Thomas on Colorado’s Red Flag Bill

Douglas County Commissioner Laura Thomas speaks on the resolution that the Douglas County Commissioners have proposed as a rebuttal the pending “red flag” bill. Thomas talks about why the Douglas County Commissioners feel the red flag bill subverts rights enshrined in the Second and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution.

Trump’s Tax Cuts

Jason McBride of Presidential Wealth Management joins Kim for an in-depth look at Trump’s Tax cuts. McBride bears down on the confusion over 2018 tax returns and provides a detailed analysis of different return and income situations and compares the results to get to the truth of whether or not people are paying less in taxes under Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Short answer: People across the board are paying less. Long answer: you’ll need to listen to the show or contact Jason by email or at 303-694-1600 for a personal explanation.



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