May 2nd is the National Day of Prayer

national day of prayer
May 2nd is the National Day of Prayer and Jacqueline Bouvier brings important news regarding the day and events in Colorado. Kevin Lundberg gives legislative insights and the second set of speakers for Stand for Colorado are announced.

Second set of speakers announced for Stand for Colorado

Brita Horn, Former Routt County Commissioner and Fire Chief, Forced Voter Registration
Natalie Menton, RTD Board Director, Circumventing TABOR, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Heidi Ganahl, CU Regent, Free Speech on Campus
Heather Lahdenpera, Forced vaccinations of our children
Amy Oliver Cooke, Energy: stopping affordable, efficient and reliable energy

Keep an eye out on the Stand for Colorado website. We’ll unveil a registration form before the end of the week so you can sign up for your location.

Hijinks at Ranchview middle school

Monday morning, Ranchview Middle Schoolers heard radical activist Regan Byrd present on “awareness to Oppression, Tolerance, Bullying and Acceptance.” In looking at Regan Byrd’s Facebook page, her approach seems to be supporting the political agenda of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Both women are working to destroy the American Ideal. Not only did Regan Byrd present to these young adults but The Lone Tree Voice reports that she has also been hired by Mountain Vista High School (Douglas County School District) as an independent contractor to host awareness and diversity training for administrators and counselors from the high school and the feeder’s middle school, Mountain Ridge Middle School. Hold the phone! Tax $$$ and a portion of the school day to push forward a particular political agenda? It is important that our children have a balanced approach to their education and the things they are learning. Contact Ranchview Middle School principal, Tanner Fitch, at 303-387-2300 and ask him to arrange for a balanced presentation assembly for these young, impressionable kids. And parents, stay vigilant and involved on what is going on at your kid’s school.

Insights on the legislative showdown and other legislation from political stalwart and former state rep Kevin Lundberg

Kevin Lundberg joins Kim to discuss the looming deadline for legislation at the Capitol. He gives insight as to how unusual this session is, with Liberals determined to forgo even the illusion of a bi-partisan approach. He also discusses some of the problematic climate control bills. You can get weekly insider insight and reports from Lundberg by signing up for his newsletter at his website.

National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 2nd

Last minute guest Jacqueline Bouvier joins Kim to discuss the eternally important subject of faith and prayer, specifically to give updates on the National Day of Prayer, which is tomorrow, May 2nd. The seemingly Grinch-like Governor Polis declined to make a proclamation regarding the National Day of Prayer but relented last week. If you are in Denver, you can join others in the area from 11-1 pm at the west steps of the Capitol. if not, you can go here to find a meeting place near you. Take a minute of your day tomorrow and say a prayer. God bless.

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