Nuts & Bolts: Fuel for Your Personal Economy with Kim Monson & Jason McBride

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Join Jason and Kim September 16th at Water’s Edge Winery for a discussion on the market’s most fascinating profitable long-term trends

Friday’s guest host is Jason McBride of Presidential Wealth Management. Jason and Kim have a conversation about Nuts & Bolts: Fuel for Your Personal Economy. The dinner event will be hosted by Kim and Jason and will include featured guest Jeffery Hirsch.

Hirsch is CEO of Hirsch Holdings and Chief Market Strategist at Probabilities Fund Management, LLC. He is the editor-in-chief of the Stock Trader’s Almanac and Almanac Investor eNewsletter and a Yahoo Finance contributor. Jeff is the author of The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles (Wiley, 2012) and Super Boom: Why the Dow Will Hit 38,820 and How You Can Profit from It (Wiley, 2011).

Listeners interested in attending can go here for more information. Reservations can be made online or by calling 303-694-1600.

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