Occupy Denver’s Campaign of Harassment Against Corner Bakery

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Occupy Denver and the harassment of the 16th Street Corner Bakery and Brad Beck, Russ Farmer, and Greg Morrissey of Liberty Toastmasters.

Jamie Cutter, the owner of 16th Street Mall Corner Bakery Cafe, talks about Occupy Denver’s campaign of harassment over urban camping ban

Jamie Cutter, the owner of the 16th Street Mall Corner Bakery Cafe, has a long history of reaching out and helping the homeless. In the past 11 years, Cutter has donated over $250,000 in food to the homeless. But that was not enough for Occupy Denver. They told Cutter he needed to write a letter against Denver’s urban camping ban or face the consequences. Cutter, like most who enjoy the freedoms of living in the United States of America, balked at Occupy Denver’s demands. Occupy Denver made good on their threats and proceeded to launch a months-long, assault on Corner Bakery. Listen to him share his story with Kim on today’s show.

Liberty Toastmasters and Liberty Toastmasters North show and tell the value of public speaking and good communication skills

Brad Beck, Russ Farmer, and Greg Morrissey of Liberty Toastmasters join Kim in the last half of the show to explain how Toastmasters helps improve a person’s public speaking and communication skills, the advantages these skills provide in personal growth, business, and many other facets of life. After all, communication is the foundation of any type of relationship. These guys are good, you will not only enjoy their explanation, but you will also enjoy them using their skills in action.

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