Orson Swindle and Why We Need to Change Course

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Orson Swindle is a former Vietnam P.O.W., Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S.M.C., and Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. Swindle joins Kim to discuss America's current direction and why change is needed.

Denver passes 20-year park and rec plan

Denver’s not playing around when it comes to long-term planning for Denver’s parks and rec centers. On Monday the Denver City Council passed a 246-page “Game Plan” for an ambitious future that sees Denver providing parks and rec centers right around the corner for any resident. The focus has shifted from personal space to communal space…but how does that reconcile with the traditional American dream? Having a park 10 minutes away is nice, but having your own back yard is nicer. Where is Denver’s long-term plans for expansion and development for single-family homes?

Orson Swindle, Vietnam Veteran, POW, and career public servant on why America needs to chart a new course

Orson Swindle spent time in the Hanoi Hilton with John McCain and he served under President Reagan as an Assistant Secretary of Commerce, in addition to the over twenty years he served as a Naval Aviator in the U.S. Marine Corps. Swindle also spent years as a Commissioner in the FTC. Swindle has seen America go through great changes. 50 years ago America walked on the Moon. Today we launch cars in space for PR stunts.

Swindle joins Kim on Wednesday to discuss America’s current direction and the problems we face inside the Beltway and outside of it.

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