Phonics vs Whole Language and the Battle for Learning Standards

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Susan Kochevar of the 88 Drive-in Theatre joins Kim as this week's co-host and Sandy Shanor talks about the fight between phonics and the whole language approach.

Susan Kochevar of 88 Drive-in Theatre is this week’s co-host

Susan Kochevar of the 88 Drive-in Theatre joins Kim in the studio as this week’s co-host. Kochevar shares some VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION…her concession stand is now selling funnel cake AND churros! What a wonderful time to be alive! Kochevar also talks about her upcoming appearance in the Wall Street Journal as well as jumping in with her thoughts throughout the show.

The ongoing fight of phonics vs whole language in schools and classrooms

Sandy Shanor, a former teacher and school board member, joins the show to discuss the decline in critical thinking, grammar, reading skills, and other related issues that stems from the ongoing tug-of-war between those who believe in the classic, phonics-based approach to teaching reading and language and those who espouse the whole language approach. Do you feel as if children seem to be going through school and not having much to show for it in the way of an education/ Shanor explains why that is and why it’s so important to make sure our children have a proper foundation on which to build core academic skills.




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