Red Flag Laws are not a Magic Bullet for a Mental Health Issue

red flag laws are not a magic bullet for a mental health issue
Complete Colorado investigative reporter Scott Weiser discusses how Jeffco commissioners are trying to bypass TABOR and Kevin Flesh talks about why Red Flag laws are not a solution for mental health and violence issues.

Jeffco’s county commissioners and their attempt to trample Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR)

Complete Colorado investigative reporter Scott Weiser joins Kim to discuss his article, Jeffco Commissioners Send Sweeping Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Revenue Override to Ballot. TABOR protects Colorado taxpayers from the whims of bureaucrats and officials and compels them to ASK if they can spend our excess tax revenue. Jeffco commissioners are trying to skip the step of asking for our permission. Weiser explains everything in his conversation with Kim, and you can also find out more information in the article below.

Jeffco commissioners send sweeping Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights revenue override to ballot

Red Flag laws are not a simple solution for mental health and violence issues

Denver attorney Kevin Flesch joins Kim to discuss Red Flag laws and why they are not a solution for a problem that ultimately boils down to a mental health issue. Flesch, an expert on due process, explains how Coloradans will lose civil rights along with their guns under this misguided attempt at addressing the violence that seems to accompany episodes of extreme mental health issues for a few sick individuals.

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