Ron Phelps for Centennial City Council

Annette Jewell has an update on the rezoning issue in Aurora, Andy McKean joins Kim on the second day of U.S. Constitution Week and Ron Phelps announces his candidacy for Centennial City Council.

U.S. Constitution, Day Two!

Andy McKean of joins Kim on the Day Two of U.S. Constitution Week. Join Kim and actor Kevin Sorbo for the Constitution Week celebrations in Grand Lake!

Republican Ron Phelps announces his candidacy for the Centennial City Council

Ron Phelps is a candidate for Centennial City Council. He and Kim discuss why he is running and why it is important that liberty-minded individuals fill elected positions in city government. You can also read Ron’s interview with the Centennial Citizen.

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The Great Black & Millennial Awakening

Joshua Sharf and Kim discuss his latest article for Complete Colorado on Denver’s proposed minimum wage hike and Casper Stockham and Kim have a discussion about the great political awakening for many groups looking for an alternative to the socialistic policies of the radical left.

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