Socialists and the Decline of the Civil Rights Movement

socialists and the new civil rights
Sue Kenfield and Kim look at what the consequences are for Colorado if SB-181 passes.

Professor at the University of Kansas offers a course named Angry White Male Studies

Some things are outrageous you can’t make them up. University of Kansas professor Christopher Froth is offering a class called Angry White Males Studies. The class claims to “This course chart the rise of the “angry white male” in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger.” It’s just the latest example in divisive, politically motivated classes emerging from our nation’s colleges and schools. Ironically, the University of Kansas claims to offer a campus and environment free of discrimination.


The decline of the civil rights movement and the ascent of the socialists

Robert Woodson is a community development leader, veteran of the civil rights movement and founder and president of the Woodson Center Robert Woodson. Woodson and Kim look at the values of the civil rights movement as defined by Martin Luther King and others and then compares them to the current mentality and ideology of the socialists who have taken over the civil rights movement and turned it into a race grievance industry. The civil rights movement was founded on equality and dignity, on giving a person a hand up so he could stand on equal footing with his fellow citizens, regardless of race or gender. The new civil rights movement wants a handout.

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The Great Black & Millennial Awakening

Joshua Sharf and Kim discuss his latest article for Complete Colorado on Denver’s proposed minimum wage hike and Casper Stockham and Kim have a discussion about the great political awakening for many groups looking for an alternative to the socialistic policies of the radical left.

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