Spring 2019: What’s Going on with the Denver Metro Real Estate Market?

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Kim responds to a conservative listener on their different views over abortion and religion and Karen Levine talks about Washing D.C., Trump, national housing issues, and the Colorado and Denver real estate market.

A difference of opinion

There’s a lot of important news items in today’s show—in every day’s show, as a point of fact—but for Tuesday, May 21st, Kim takes the time to talk about the message she received from a listener and explains her values, which differ in some key points with the message writer, though both are fiscal conservatives. Differences of opinions center around abortion and religion, but there is ALWAYS room for compassion and respecting dissenting points of view.

Karen Levine is today’s guest host

Karen Levine is a busy woman Levine has just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. where she discharged her duties to the membership National Association of Realtors (NAR). Levine is a Director for the 1.4 million-member organization. Levine shares her take on the issues facing the housing industry, her perception of Trump as colored by her perspective as a business-woman, and other topics. She also takes some time to clarify exactly what is going on in metro Denver and Colorado’s red-hot housing market. Here’s one rumor she dispells: don’t believe that the market has cooled off, even though sales are dropping nationwide. It’s all relative, and as she explains, homes are still going under contract hours after being listed and shown.


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