TABOR Keeps Politicians From Stealing Your Money

tabor keeps politicians from stealing your tax money 1
John Caldera torches Xcel for hypocrisy, Rose Pugliese defends the Electoral College and Rick Turnquist explains why TABOR matters.

Xcel tries to impress environmentalists, makes Colorado utility users pay for it

John Caldera’s latest opinion piece, Carbon Capture Doesn’t Fit in with Xcel’s Double-Dipping Energy Plan, call out Xcel’s COlorado Energy Plan. From Caldera’s article:

“Take the much touted “Colorado Energy Plan” (CEP) which includes shutting down coal-fired power plants in Pueblo and replacing them with wind and solar power.

Even the lingo is politically loaded virtue signaling. Xcel Energy, which runs the Comanche I and ll power plants, is “retiring” them early, the poor old obsolete dears. Fact is they are among the most technologically advanced, least polluting coal-fired plants in the world.

The real reason for their “retirement” is so Xcel can double bill us, ratepayers. They’ll still be charging us to depreciate the “old” plants and the new plants at the same time and making a profit from both.”

Read the entire piece at Complete Colorado.

Rose Pugliese gives an update on the Coloradans Vote project

Colorado’s Votes for President of the United States should go to the candidate who gets the most votes IN COLORADO! That’s why Rose Pugliese has poured so much energy and time into gathering petitions to stop the National Popular Vote in Colorado. Rose joins Kim to share updates on the process.

Rick Turnquist explains why TABOR matter

Rick Turnquist understands how important TABOR is and how TABOR works. Not all of us have his knowledge, so Rick was kind enough to join Kim to discuss why TABOR matters. It’s an important conversation. Rick has also written a definitive article on the subject. Read it. Bookmark it. Remember it when you vote this November.

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