The Case Against Mandatory Vaccinations for Children in Colorado: Part 1

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Pam Long and Heather Lahdenpera talk about the many problems associated with the proposed legislation to mandate all children to be vaccinated in Colorado.

Good intentions do not always equal good results, especially when government becomes involves

Spring break is here, and that also means that thousands of out-of-state flatlanders will be driving into our mountains with vehicles and tires that cause safety and driving issues for motorists. Should the government become involved? How would you regulate such a thing? How would this affect ski resorts, mountain stores, and all of the other business standing to profit from the spring break tourists? Steve and Kim, inspired by Laura Carno’s Government Ruins Nearly Everything, take on the spring breakers and a number of other hypothetical situations where government COULD intervene—but shouldn’t.

HB19-1312 and the move to make vaccinations mandatory for children in Colorado

Pam Long and Heather Lahdenpera join the show to discuss HB19-1312 and the numerous issues that arise from this proposed bill which would mandate that all school-age children be vaccinated. Long and Lahdenpera take on everything from the current application for exemptions, the historical dangers of vaccinations and the civil impunity with which drug makers now operate, to the issue of free-riders—the children who attend school and who are not vaccinated. This is the first part of a multi-part conversation Kim is having about HB19-1312. Long and Lahdenpera have agreed to return to continue the discussion.


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