The Case Against Single Payer and Medicare for All

Tom Goodfellow joins Kim to explain what attendees can expect at this year's U.S. Constitution Week and public policy expert and author Chris Jacobs and Kim have an honest conversation about why Medicare for All is socialized medicine and what that would mean if implemented in America.

U.S. Constitution Week is September 16-September 21

Tom Goodfellow joins Kim to talk about what attendees can expect at the U.S. Constitution Week celebration in Grand Lake. Speakers and VIPs include Dr. Tom Krannawitter, Stan Everitt, Professor Robert Natelson, Brian Blumenfeld, and Kim Monson. You can learn more by visiting the U.S. Constitution Week website.

Medicare for All is Socialized Medicine

Every Democrat presidential candidate supports some form of single-payer healthcare program. Chris Jacobs, public policy expert and author of The Case Against Single-Payer: How ‘Medicare for All’ Will Wreck America’s Health Care System―And Its Economy, joins Kim. They have an honest discussion about the real results of socialized medicine.

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