The Constitutional Assault on TABOR

tabor bruce douglas americhicks april 1 2019
Colorado GOP's new state chair, Weld County's Sheriff Ream's says he will not enforce Colorado's Red Flag bill, Kyle King's battle with cancer and Douglas Bruce on TABOR and the current threat it faces from HB-1257.

Ken Buck wins election to Colorado GOP state chair

After a very close race between Susan Beckman and Ken Buck, the state chair position went to Ken Buck. Is this the time when the GOP rallies under new leadership against the Democrats in the state house?

Sheriff Reams of Weld County says he won’t enforce Colorado’s Red Flag bill

Sheriff Reams of Weld County is now on record for saying he will not enforce Colorado’s Red Flag bill. Reams’s stand on this issue is helping to propel this controversial legislation from a local issue to a national issue.

Fund-raiser for Kyle King and his family

Kyle King is only 33 years old, but he’s been through dozens of rounds of chemotherapy for an extremely rare type of appendix cancer. For those looking to help Kyle and his family, you can donate money at Kyle’s GoFundMe page.

Douglas Bruce on TABOR and the danger of HB-1257

It took three tries and years of political trench-fighting, but Douglas Bruce’s effort to enshrine the Taxpayers Bill of Rights in the Colorado Constitution succeeded in 1992. Now, it’s almost 27 years later and Colorado’s booming economy can be partly attributed to TABOR’s check on taxes in Colorado. But TABOR faces a threat on the legislative horizon: HB-1257. Bruce joins the show to talk about the history of TABOR, how TABOR has helped Colorado, and why the many problems with HB-1257.

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