The Delphi Technique

the delphi technique
Jan Cook and Patti Kurgan join Kim in the studio to explain how the Delphi Technique is used to promote agendas through the manipulation of consensus.

“The goal of the Delphi technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a predetermined outcome”

Kim is joined in the studio by Jan Cook and Patti Kurgan. Cook is an activist and the co-creator of Get ‘Er Done Right Colorado. Kurgan is a small-business owner, former member of the Pay Equity Commission and also the news and current events research director for the Americhicks. In today’s show, Cook and Kurgan explain the Delphi Technique. The Delphi Technique can be defined asa calculated method some administrators (such as school superintendents), committees (such as a school committee or school building committee), group facilitators and special interest groups (some ballot question groups and less-than-honorable architectural firms) use to achieve “consensus.” Through the use of the Delphi Technique and the promotion of an “us” vs “them” mentality among the citizens of a community, dissenting voices are identified, marginalized and discredited and the (often hidden) agendas of various groups and controlling individuals promoted.

To learn how to spot the Delphi Technique and how to defend against it, listen to today’s episode. You can also find more detailed information here and here.


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