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The Dirty Truth About Colorado Air Quality Regulations

chinese pollution
Former RTD Director Tina Francone joins Kim to talk about the dirty truth regarding Colorado air quality regulations and Governor Polis.

Unplanned faces an uphill battle from the mainstream media and Twitter—and still does great at the box office

Unplanned is the film adaption of Abby Johnson’s memoir of the same name. Johnson was a rising star at Planned Parenthood, until the day she was asked to assist with a late-term abortion. The experienced propelled her to become a pro-life advocate. Her powerful story is the basis for Unplanned, but the mainstream media gave it no attention during its opening weekend. Twitter’s treatment was even worse. The good news is that despite all the issues that would likely sink a Hollywood debut, Unplanned has exceeded box office projections.

Why are combustion-engine vehicles and the oil and gas industry the scapegoats for Colorado’s air quality?

Tina Francone, former RTD director and Jefferson County Commissioner, talks about the dirty truth when it comes to Colorado’s air quality, the role outside polluters, such as Western state wild-fires and the Chinese—play in affecting Colorado’s air quality. Why is Governor Polis focused on pinning the blame on gasoline-powered vehicles and the oil and gas industry?



Jody Lander, WWII Veteran Part III

WWII Veteran, Jody Lander, was involved in three of the major battles in the European theater during WWII: D-Day, Operation Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge.

Jody Lander, WWII Veteran

Dallas, Texas boy Jody Lander was drafted into the Army in 1943. Jody volunteered to become a paratrooper because he thought it would be exciting.

Stephen Chiles, Vietnam Veteran

Stephen Chiles liked adventure so much he dropped out of college and enlisted in the Army. In June of 1966, Stephen was headed to Vietnam.

Leila Morrison, WW II Army Nurse

Saving lives. That was WWII Army nurse Leila Morrison’s job. Leila will turn 98 this year and is so grateful for our freedom.

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