The Federalist Papers, with Ben Martin (August 2019)

studying the federalist papers with ben martin and kim monson
Historian and former Army Ranger Ben Martin returns to the show to continue his illumination of The Federalist Papers.

A status report on the trade-war between the United States and China

Jason McBride and Kim have a conversation about the current trade-war/standoff between the United States and China. Jason has stated multiple times that China needs us more than we need them. A country’s financial markets are a window into what is actually happening with that country’s economy. So, how has China’s market compared to ours since the start of the “Trade War”? Kim asked for charts. Here they are!

Ben Martin returns to continue the discussion on The Federalist Papers

We need to know why we believe what we believe. The Federalist Papers were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay to make the case to the American people for ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

Patriotic historian, Ben Martin, joins Kim to continue their conversation about The Federalist Papers. Thank you to the Harris Family for underwriting this important subject. Last week saw the move from volume 1 to volume 2 of The Federalist Papers. This episode focuses on the nexus of The Federalist Papers, and is concerned with the “separation of powers.”


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