The Great Black & Millennial Awakening

the great black and millenial awakening casper stockham kim monson
Joshua Sharf and Kim discuss his latest article for Complete Colorado on Denver's proposed minimum wage hike and Casper Stockham and Kim have a discussion about the great political awakening for many groups looking for an alternative to the socialistic policies of the radical left.

Denver’s $15.00 minimum wage proposal demonstrates economic ignorance

Analyst and writer Joshua Sharf joins Kim to discuss his latest article on Complete Colorado, Economic Illiteracy Around Denver’s Minimum Wage Scheme. Officials in Denver have announced plans to raise the current minimum wage from $11.10 to $15.00 over the next several years. Sharf explains why the stated logic for the increase is devoid of any relationship with sound economic principles. Listen to the conversation with Kim and read the full article at Complete Colorado.

Sharf: Economic illiteracy around Denver’s minimum wage scheme

America’s great awakening

There is a great awakening occurring in American today. Bluedog Democrats, Libertarians, Unaffiliateds, Republicans, Conservatives, Millennials, non-militant LGTBQ, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and immigrants are realizing that there is no tolerance nor inclusion from the extreme Democrat radicals who espouse tolerance and inclusion. Casper Stockham joins Kim to share his journey from growing up in a “progressive” household to fervent protector of the American Idea. Casper also introduces his new book, The Great Black & Millennial Awakening.

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WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Wayne Field

Christmas seventy-five years ago 500,000 Allied soldiers fought a 40-day battle to prevent Hitler from reaching fuel supplies at Antwerp, Belgium. History knows it as the Battle of the Bulge. Wayne Field was one of those young soldiers who fought in this epic battle.

WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Lou Zoghby

Seventy-five years ago on December 16th, 1944, Hitler made his final push in the Battle of the Bulge. Young Lou Zoghby, 17th Airborne, 194th Glider Infantry, F Company fought in this epic 40-day battle.

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