The Importance of Small Businesses

the importance of small businesses in america (1)
The lure of intersectionality at institutions of higher learning and the importance of entrepreneurs and small businesses to Colorado and the US.

Dr. Chris Miller on the use of intersectionality as a political recruiting tool

Dr. Chris Miller is an expert in higher education. The idea that college campuses and university squares are fertile grounds and left-leaning thoughts and politics is not a new one. The recent past is replete with examples, from the flower children of Berkely to the news of just a few weeks that a University of Kansas professor would be teaching a class on “angry white males.” Dr. Miller and Kim discuss how the concept of intersectionality is used to draw in young students, as the first step in recruiting them in the service of a liberal political agenda.

Susan Kochevar on the importance of small businesses, and what businesses in Colorado can expect from legislation that passed in this session

Susan Kochevar understands small businesses more than most. Raised in a family that revolved around a small business, Kochevar, the proprietor of the 88 Drive-in Theater, now runs her own small business. Her customers depend on her products and service and her employees depend on her payroll. She depends on them as well. The delicate ecosystem of American economic well-being revolves around small businesses. Kochevar and Kim discuss how businesses will be impacted by the bills passed this legislative session, why there is a good chance that defeated bills will return next year, and the importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs to our way of life.

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WWII Veteran Frank DeVita

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