The Intimate Link Between Health and Hydrocarbons

the inextricable link between health and hydrocarbons with audrey carlson of liberty oil services and the americhicks
Audrey Carlson of Liberty Oilfield Services explains the intimate link between health & hydrocarbons and the dangers of energy poverty.

The role of hydrocarbons in elevating and transforming health and medicine

Today’s featured guest is Audrey Carlson of Liberty Oilfield Services. For thousands of years, life expectancy for humans remained the same. A Sumerian scribe had the same average life span as a French salt merchant during the inception of the Industrial Age. But two hundred years ago something changed. Life expectancy doubled with the wide-scale use of hydrocarbons as an energy source. Carlson explains the intimate link between hydrocarbons and health. For more information, please watch the video below.

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